BTH Tactical

Developing Tactical Strategies

Our “Tactical Growth” investment process seeks to uncover stocks which afford extra-ordinary return potential.  We are avid researchers in our field and often pick-up on trends that others may overlook.  BTH Tactical is an investment strategy developed and back-tested since 2000 and we believe it gives us an “edge” in the buy and sell decisions Barry executes as a Portfolio Manager.

To determine growth potential, we combine a company’s most recent two quarters of earnings growth with its three year to five year annual growth rate. Only the highest ranked companies are eligible for inclusion in our portfolios. After we identify stocks that meet our growth criteria, we then have an additional process to highlight only those stocks which are in a defined uptrend.   As a “growth” investor, we are not interested in owning stocks that are trending lower – we want to own a portfolio of stocks that are trending higher.  No one knows how long a trend will persist and no prediction is made in this regard instead, we execute a hard wired sell signal upon trend reversal.

Growth and Income

Our Separately Managed Accounts focus on striking a balance between Growth and Income. We execute a multi-disciplinary strategy diversifying portfolios into different asset classes in order to minimize drawdown and provide risk adjusted growth. The goal of this strategy is not maximum returns but diversification, low-correlation assets and a reasonable rate of return.