BTH Tactical

Published by Amanda O'Reilly

I recently read a blog by Seth Godin called ‘Self-Starters, needed’ and was instantly brought back to the beginning of BTH Tactical. Seth writes:

The self-starter creates a spark, turning nothing, or what certainly appears to everyone else as nothing, into something.

The self-starter doesn’t see it that way. That ‘nothingness’ was actually an opportunity, a chance to make a connection, to do something a little better than the status quo, to get things moving.’

You see, Barry is supposed to be retired. He retired from 20 years of portfolio management in February of 2008 (not bad timing!) to travel to Guatemala and Spain to learn Spanish, and to compete in Kona Ironman having won the Ironman lottery. Ultimately, though, no amount of swim, bike, run or Español could create the same tick as the ticker tape.

The ‘nothing’ Barry was sitting on was actually 20 years of research on market trends and a passionate conviction that more could be done for clients than was being done.

No one asked Barry to work, no circumstance in his life dictated that he do so. Barry just stepped out in 2011 and became a self-starter.