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Published by Barry Hirowatari

VANCOUVER, Jan. 28, 2019 /CNW/ – A leading AlphaDelta® investment fund finished 2018 ranked #1 for performance among North American Equity funds.

Morningstar reports the AlphaDelta Tactical Growth Class Fund was the top performing fund in the North American Equity category last year. The Fund achieved an impressive 14.44 percent growth over that 12-month period.

“We’re proud of the Fund’s performance, particularly as the overall market underperformed last year,” said Victor Therrien, AlphaDelta CEO. “AlphaDelta manufactures actively-managed investment funds and this shows what a proven, experienced active manager can achieve.”

History of Outperformance

This #1 rating is the latest in a growing list of industry-leading successes for the AlphaDelta® family of funds:

In 2016, the AlphaDelta Growth of Dividend Income Class Fund was ranked #1 among global equity funds, and
In 2017, the AlphaDelta Canadian Focused Equity Class Fund performed in the top 1 percentile of Canadian focused equity funds.
Each AlphaDelta® fund has consistently outperformed its asset class, and been rated Fundata “Grade A,” Globefund 5-star and Morningstar 5-star.

AlphaDelta® is “Actually Active”™

Launched in 2015 by industry veteran Victor Therrien, AlphaDelta® manufactures innovative, transparent and focused investment products that are led by experienced portfolio managers.

AlphaDelta Funds are Actually Active.TM AlphaDelta’s investment philosophy emphasizes the role of active managers in today’s environment, where index funds and/or “closet indexers” have become more prevalent.

Each AlphaDelta® fund has consistently high Active Share TM – a metric for gauging how much of your fund’s performance is generated by the portfolio manager, and how much is generated by the market at large. “Active Share matters,” emphasized Therrien. “If you pay active management fees, you deserve active management and oversight.”

About AlphaDelta®

AlphaDelta Funds is headquartered in Vancouver, BC and operates throughout Canada. We believe in the value of actively managed investment portfolios. Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. is the investment fund manager for the AlphaDelta Funds. Aventine Asset Management Inc. is the sub-advisor to the AlphaDelta Tactical Growth Class Fund.

SOURCE AlphaDelta Funds