BTH Tactical

About BTH Tactical

“BTH Tactical” is the name of the investment approach developed by Barry Hirowatari, a Portfolio Manager with Aventine Management Group Inc., over his 20-plus years of professional investing experience.  Barry is registered as a Portfolio Manager with Aventine Management Group in the provinces of BC and Alberta.  This website and all of the materials contained within are to provide information about Barry Hirowatari, his team, his approach and the various strategies for which he is the lead Portfolio Manager.

We believe in a Tactical approach to investing in the markets.  Tactical allocation strategies differ from a standard investment approach in that tactical Portfolio Managers use their discretion to rotate portfolio holdings between various asset classes such as cash, stocks, bonds and other assets.  This approach reflects the idea that no single asset class will consistently outperform over an entire market cycle and gives the investors the opportunity to have reduced stock exposure during bear markets.

We invest in trends and seek to identify sustainable trends underpinned by strong earnings.  We seek to benefit from the identification of – and alignment with – sustainable trends through a systematic rule-based approach to investing.  Simply put, we buy stocks that are rising and sell those that are falling.

We are strong believers that companies with superior earnings growth will have outperforming stock prices.  As a result, we are fascinated by innovative or disruptive business models and are continually searching for companies that can deliver outsized profits by creating new market niches or evolving conventional ones.  We never average down and we use a hard-wired, technical sell discipline that seeks to preserve capital in bear markets.

Our Team

Our Principles


Always work in the client’s best interests.


Earn and maintain trust.


Listen to the client, determine their needs, and record their investment objectives.


Stay vigilant and maintain a robust sell discipline.


Place assets where there are positive trends rather than staying with minimal return.


Be tactical, there are times when it is wise to reduce equity exposure.


Deliver full performance and asset allocation each quarter.


Invest in the same securities as the clients and have “skin in the game”.


Always execute the client’s orders first.


Pursue excellence and honesty in every avenue of business.