BTH Tactical

“BTH Tactical” is the name of the investment approach developed by Barry Hirowatari, a Portfolio Manager with Aventine Management Group Inc., over his 20-plus years of professional investing experience. Barry is a registered as a Portfolio Manager with Aventine Management in the provinces of BC and Alberta. This website and all of the materials contained on it are to provide information about Barry Hirowatari, his team, his approach and the various strategies for which he is the lead Portfolio Manager.


Our non-traditional investment vehicle chooses a variety of stock and asset classes. Each investment is dynamic and can be sold in favour of a trending stock or better market sector.


Each strategy is made up of North American stocks as well as investment holdings in less correlated asset classes such as cash, bonds, or precious metals reducing downside risk.


We only purchase stocks in companies that pass a discerning screening process to assess current earning potential and we strictly adhere to a hard wired sell discipline based on trends and prices.

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Having known Barry since he started in the investment business, and understanding his passion for insightful, strategic investing, I was not the least bit surprised when he told me he was launching his own portfolio management practice. Excited to hear his good news, his plans, and his enthusiasm, I begged him to allow me to become his first client. Having known me since he started in the investment business, and understanding my passion for both insightful, strategic, and cautious portfolio management, he welcomed me as Client One. Since that first day, I have not only enjoyed better-than-average portfolio performance, I have observed his passion for serving his clients properly and carefully. Better than most portfolio managers I know, Barry is keenly aware of the trust his clients put in him, and does is utmost to communicate with each of us on a regular, consistent basis. So, if you are looking for someone to trust; for sleep-at-night and peace-of-mind, just do what I did – become a client of Barry Hirowatari.

Ivan Moldowan, retired

With days that only seem to get busier as the years pass by, I found that the markets—and by extension, our stock portfolios—were taking a back seat to business and family. And rightfully so! Moving our stock portfolio over to BTH Tactical seemed to be in the best interest of "capital preservation" and came with promising upside (given collective years of experience that rivaled my own age). After careful consideration on our part, and a confident response from the principles of BTH, we took the plunge. Haven't looked back since.

Ryan Kononoff

I have had the pleasure of working with Barry over the last few years. There are two things that come to mind about Barry....knowledge and integrity. He has tremendous knowledge of the financial industry and that comes from the hard work that he does each and every day. Integrity and trust, are what he is all about, once you have established that, investing becomes less stressful and more rewarding.

Norm Deveau

Barry Hirowatari has been my financial advisor for over 25 years. The foundation of our relationship is trust. I have never doubted that he was genuinely pursuing my best interests, informing me of opportunities and savings, while cautioning me where my suggestions may have included unwarranted risk. While Barry’s strategies do not tie him to conventional thinking, neither are they indefensible or rogue. I appreciate that Barry always has answers that substantiate his actions. The combination of sound character that I can trust with innovative strategy that is logically supported, gives me financial confidence.

Allan Kotanen